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Ocular lymphoma

EYE see a problem….

Ocular manifestations of systemic lymphoma occurs in up to 48% of in one study. It clinically manifests as a change in color of the iris or a visible thickening or mass associated with the iris. This cat’s changes were secondary to systemic lymphoma. If the changes were isolated to the eye, aqueocentesis can be used to confirm the diagnosis of lymphoma.  If lymphoma is isolated to the eye and causing pain, enucleation is an option to improve comfort.  Even in cases of primary intraocular lymphoma, progression to a systemic dissemination is a significant concern.

The recommended treatment for a cat such as this is systemic chemotherapy with a multi agent protocol such as CHOP or COP. Lomustine is an alternative option.  The eye can be treated topically with prednisolone acetate eye drops and for uveitis/glaucoma as indicated.  Other types of tumors that affect the eyes in cats include iris melanoma, trauma induced sarcoma, and metastatic cancers.

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