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The Process

1. Scheduling

Once your pet is diagnosed with cancer, a consultation with Lotus Pet Oncology can performed.  A consultation can be scheduled on the website, and payment is collected at the time of scheduling.  An invoice receipt and zoom link will be emailed to you.  Lotus Pet Oncology works with veterinarians worldwide.

2. Consultation

You will have a secure video consultation the time of your scheduled appointment. The appointment will be approached like an in-person evaluation.  Your primary care veterinarian will join the consultation if they are available.

3. Report

A detailed report is emailed to the pet owner and veterinarian within 24 hours of the consultation. The report includes information about your pet’s cancer, and potential treatment options. A treatment plan will be coordinated between Lotus Pet Oncology and your primary care veterinarian.


  • Consultation fee $300 (60 minutes)
  • Emergency/weekend consultation fee $400
  • Recheck fee $115 (30 minutes)
  • Personalized care plan $500

Additional Information

  • Lotus Pet Oncology does not prescribe medications.
  • Most pet insurance will cover consultation with Lotus Pet Oncology. Please request a detailed invoice if necessary.
  • Cancelled appointments incur a $10 service fee.